QuantComp Co.

Consultants for computational sciences and
high performance scientific computing.

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QuantComp Co. is a registered dba of Ronald Levine, Ph.D.

Services we perform:

·        Application development for parallel and vector architectures.
·        Modeling and simulation
·        3D graphics and visualization application development..
·        Performance tuning and evaluation..
·        Training in parallel computing, MPI and other parallel programming methods.
·        Authoring technical papers, user documentation, and marketing literature.

Technical areas where we have significant experience and/or domain knowledge:

·        3D graphics applications and tools.
·        Monte Carlo methods and Bayesian inference.
·        3D graphics API development.
·        Scientific visualization.
·        Geometry and physics engines for immersive 3D games.
·        Computational fluid dynamics.
·        Experimental data analysis.
·        Data mining and machine learning.
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Contact Information

Phone 510-701-9115

Ronald Levine personal site

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